5 best practices to follow to make Kubernetes more secure

Since its inception, Kubernetes has increasingly become a popular open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services. However, like any growing configuration and automation system, it can still be prone to certain insecurities. In fact, Kubernetes security can be more prone to attacks when it is set on the cloud.

Nevertheless, there are ways to make the workloads on this platform more secure and give you control on specific configurations.

1. Enable role-based access control (RBAC)

In Kubernetes deployment, avoid using namespaces as default, plan based on your workload permission needs, and enable RBAC.

Basically, when you do this, everything is denied by default. However, you can still define permissions to certain users who need access to the application programming interface (API). You can create roles and assign these users to those roles. You can also make cluster roles with permissions that apply to the namespaces.

2. Turn off privileged flag for containers

There is always a possibility that an attacker can still do some damage through your containers no matter how careful you are in your container orchestration. Because of the nature of Kubernetes and similar platforms, one could gain access to their underlying infrastructures. One way to prevent this is by turning off the privileged flag on your containers.

There are also secure profiling apps that you can use in securing your clusters, such as Seccomp, SELinux, and gVisor.

3. Disable public access to the API

Basically, you should avoid exposing your platform’s node to the web to ensure utmost Kubernetes security. As much as possible, only work with private nodes.

However, if you need to run the platform in the cloud, you can disable public access to the API. This is to prevent attackers to gain access to the API and obtain sensitive information. Aside from this, you can also utilize a load balancer or an API gateway and enable only the ports that you need to use.

4. Enable encryptions at rest

Enterprise Kubernetes uses etc, an open-source distributed key-value store, as the database to store objects on this platform. If an attacker can gain control of this store, they can have access to your information and use it in a negative way. read more

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5 things to bring to your hunting trip

Hunting is a hobby most outdoor enthusiasts enjoy doing. In areas where it is legally allowed, hunting can be enjoyed alone or with friends. If you want to know what items to bring to your next trip, such as bulk projectiles Australia gun shops offer or basic necessities, read on to find out.


Rifles are suited for hunting trips. They are long and lightweight which come in handy especially during long walks. There are different types of rifles which you can bring, depending on your level of expertise, purpose, and budget.

Rifles can be grouped into two: air and firearm. The former uses pellets for ammo while the latter uses projectiles or bullets. Rifles can have various lengths and different capabilities.

Cost-wise, the Escort 22LR Timber is a good starter pack. One retails for about $400 with scope and $300 for bare rifle. If you have money to spend, you can opt to get the Sako 85 Hunter which you can own for almost $3,000 complete set.

A bare rifle is affordable compared to a fully set one. A complete set can have scopes, detachable mags, and mounts. When choosing which rifle scopes Australia hunters use, it is best to ask the experts who know what to recommend.

Having a gun safe is also recommended but not required. For emergency situations, may it be during hunting or outdoor trips, it is best to store your gun in a secure place. One thing you don’t want to happen is to endanger yourself or others by a gun accidentally firing off.


If you bring a gun or rifle, you need ammunitions for them. 223 ammo is best used for rifles. They also come in different sizes and price tags depending on the type of rifle they will be used on.

Pellets, bullets, and projectiles are all different from one another. Pellets are commonly used in air guns or air rifles. On the other hand, bullets are used for firearms while bulk projectiles Australia gun shop ‘The Barn’ offers a lot of its variations.

If you want to know about what they offer, you may visit https://thebarn.net.au/categories/Factory+Ammunition/30. read more

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Three Things to Demand For Your Phone Repair

Owing to the sizes and portability of smart phones, they are more prone to screen damage. If you are not yet a victim of the situation, it is only a matter of time. Especially for iphones, the glass on the screen can break when the device falls on a hard surface. Left unattended, the break can lead to more damage such as dust and dirt entering the device. To solve the problem of a phone with a broken screen, you need support from a qualified phone screen repair technician.

phone screen repair

Before you visit a center for broken phone screen repair, it is advisable to cover the affected areas with a cello tape to prevent the broken glass from injuring your fingers. The actual process of repairing a broken screen involves removing the damaged screen, cleaning the device thoroughly, replacing the screen, and testing it. Many centers exist for phone screen repair, but not all of them can provide top-notch service that meets your expectations.

On the other hand, there are good Smartphone repair centers that can offer excellent repair service. For example, in Sydney and surrounding areas, you can visit OZ Phone Repairs locations where you can find qualified repair technicians for effective iphone fix. When you visit a repair center with a damaged screen, you want two things: quality replacement and a functional device as if nothing happened. Here are top points to keep in mind to achieve the objectives.

Confirm quality of the screen

Just as any other goods for trade, Smartphone industry has imitations. Unfortunately, imitations do not work well like original parts. For example, the screen may not fit flush with your device, and due to its low quality, it might be more prone to damage. While it may be cheaper to install, you might end up spending more money in the end. On the other hand, there are replacements of excellent qualities that just work like the original part. Therefore, insist on getting the best quality screen replacement for your iphone.

Ask for thorough testing

Since the process of screen replacement involves removal and reinstating of parts and components, it is important to have your device tested thoroughly after the replacement. This will ensure that the device works properly and everything is in the right place. Without testing, you may end up having more problems even after replacing the broken screen. It is therefore important that your repair specialist should have adequate diagnostic instruments to carry out a rigorous testing procedure. read more

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How to Get Top Quality Black and White Prints

Creating effective leaflets is not always an easy task. Many businesses have one way of designing and printing their leaflets but shouldn’t always be the case. Businesses need to have an attitude change and try to incorporate a little innovation when it comes to leaflet design and printing. In business, you cannot afford to be complacent. You have to constantly innovate and come up with creative ideas in order to beat the market competition. In a lot of brick and mortar businesses and even online businesses, leaflets are always an essential part of marketing. You need to have professional looking leaflets which are engaging, clean and also fresh. You also need to invest in professional Melbourne printing, Minuteman Press provides a fairly high quality service.

Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind when designing and printing professional leaflets:

Think outside the box when it comes to folding

When it comes to folding your leaflets, most businesses consider standard way of doing it but there are lots of creative ways in which you could fold your leaflets. Utilizing a professional fold would undoubtedly differentiate your brand from the others.  Unique fold will also give your flyers that desired impact amongst your target audiences.

Good content and proofing

You have to produce content that is engaging, simple and which is also very straightforward. In leaflets, brevity is an important quality. Don’t bombard it with wordy and boring content.  Use headlines, powerful images and text and simplify without curtailing your message.

The leaflet should be thoroughly proofread in order to ensure everything makes sense. The customers you are targeting should be able to clearly understand what you are offering them. In case this is an offer, the correct date should be included.

Define your audience

When designing your leaflet, you need to ask yourself who your customer is. Not everyone who passes in the streets is a customer. Be defining the kind of market that you are targeting, you are going to have better impact when marketing with your flyers. You can define customers based on categories such as the age, location, social status, geographical location etc. read more

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GPS Asset Tracking Can Enhance Safety and Efficiency of Your Business

Valuable assets such as expensive equipment, trailers or vehicles with special capabilities requiring specially trained drivers, should be protected from loss and theft in a business. If any of these are lost, it can pose a  potential threat to the company. Therefore, it is very important to secure such expensive assets for financial reasons as well as public safety. Therefore, investing in a net based remote asset management can give you real-time location of your assets that can help in saving money and avoid dangerous situations. As a business owner, it is not possible for you to supervise everything at once. With your employees always on the move, the task of managing, tracking and making a note of all assets in the field can be troublesome. But with asset tracking, you can boost your business with an automatic 24/7 monitoring system that can be relied on.

Asset Tracking


With advanced hardware, the features of the asset tracking system are all set to give you all the safety measures that your business needs:

  • Sensors: With built-in motion sensors, it becomes easier to understand whether your asset is moving and where is it.
  • Communication: Through the Internet and text message technology, you can get an access to secure and rapid data.
  • Alerts: You can set up automatic alerts after stipulated time intervals, say 15 minutes so that you can get updates whenever you want.
  • Loss prevention: If your asset is stolen or damaged, you can know it instantly with customised alerts.
  • Employee safety: You can maximize your safety measurement with remote asset management to keep an eye on employee safety.
  • Assessment of performance: With asset tracking, you can monitor the performance of all your employees; from the contractual ones to the regular.
  • Saves time: With data power and automatic remote asset management, you need to spend less time in managing your assets and thus, you can focus on other aspects of improving your business.

Reasons Why You Should Install it

Many business owners use the GPS tracking systems to increase productivity and save costs. These can save the transport of the company from misuse and theft. If any unauthorized person or even your employee tries to use the company’s car for his own benefit, you can instantly get to know about it. Many insurance companies these days offer lower premiums for a vehicle that have GPS for vehicle tracking, and you can get discounted insurance rates of about 35%. Insurance companies acknowledge the business concern which tries to improve safety and responsibility  of the driver, and thus they reward them. There are even some tax concessions for business concerns who buy and install GPS track and such other gadgets under the 2008 Federal Economic Stimulus Act.

Besides motion detection, navigation and finding location, fleet GPS tracking also helps drivers with a number of valuable services like satellite navigation and service location that makes the task of delivering items simpler and trouble-free.  A company that relies on vehicles for customer service needs to co-ordinate delivery routine tables effectively and keep the track of driver’s location and mileage while they are out for delivery. Any harmful movement or unauthorised handling of the vehicle triggers the alarm to inform the business owner of the suspicious gesture. read more

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Medical Director Support Is Available On the Cloud

Having cloud support can certainly do well when you are trying to get the Medical Director program work for you. Medical Director support can help you get your information reviewed by keeping your patients’ data covered the right way. This in turn ensures that you will not struggle with keeping data intact. In fact, you can use Medical Director on the cloud today.

The Medical Director should be used on the cloud to ensure that you have an easier time accessing your data. This allows you to share your data for patients with others in real time while offering a full online setting that is easy to follow with. When used properly, it can be rather easy for you to get your data working well. You should try this out when getting your medical information sharing plans under control.

How It All Works

Medical Director support on the cloud works by allowing you to get this popular medical patient management program run on a cloud setup. You can use this to quickly get access to information through a simple program that lets you review information list what procedures someone has had, any reviews from the past and so forth. The information gathered through this program can certainly give you plenty of information to work with.

After this, you can log into the program and access the data on it from anywhere that you go. You can use this program to quickly get information on other people and to ensure that your data is being read carefully. More importantly, this lets you edit information and share it with others who in turn can edit this information as well. The sharing that can go on when using this can certainly be to everyone’s benefit.

How Is the Experience?

The user experience that you will get out of this program will certainly help you get the most out of this setup. You can use this to easily get access to patient records while keeping your connection strong. You will be able to research information as quickly as possible when you use this for your demands.

A Secure Setup

The cloud setup on this version of Medical Director can also help you keep your data backed up and duplicated as needed. You can ensure that your data will be properly copied and secured as quickly as possible. This in turn ensures that your information will be made out to everyone with ease. You can really benefit from having this work for you if adjusted properly. read more

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อัพเดทองค์กรด้วยระบบการทำงานของ HR ยุคใหม่

ฝ่ายบุคคลหรือ Human Resource ไม่ใช่ฝ่ายเล็ก ๆ ในบริษัทที่มีแต่คนรุ่นเก่า ๆ คอยนั่งจับผิดเรื่องการแต่งตัวหรือมาสายของพนักงานและทำเรื่องจ่ายเงินเดือนไปวัน ๆ เท่านั้นอีกต่อไปแล้ว ในยุคนี้ ฝ่าย Human Resource เต็มไปด้วยหนุ่มสาวไฟแรงที่พกพาทักษะการทำงานสมัยใหม่เอาไว้เต็มที่พร้อมนำทีมฝ่าย HR ให้นำพาบริษัทก้าวไปข้างหน้า

หนึ่งในการเปลี่ยนแปลงที่ผลักดันให้ฝ่ายบุคคลต้องก้าวไปข้างหน้าคือนวัตกรรมและเทคโนโลยีใหม่ ๆ ที่เข้ามาเปลี่ยนแปลงทั้งการใช้ชีวิตและการทำงานในทุกวงการ

ในอดีตงานหลักของแผนกบุคคลเห็นจะเป็นงานเอกสารตัวเลขข้อมูลยิบย่อยไม่จบไม่สิ้น เมื่อคอมพิวเตอร์เข้ามามีบทบาท ตัวเลขและข้อมูลต่าง ๆ ก็ถูกนำมาบริหารจัดระเบียบใน Excel แต่ก็ยังต้องอาศัยการคีย์ข้อมูลเข้า ๆ ออก ๆ ที่อาจก่อให้เกิดความผิดพลาดได้จากการอ่านเลขผิด พิมพ์ผิด และ human error ต่าง ๆ แต่ในยุคปัจจุบัน มีโปรแกรมคอมพิวเตอร์อย่าง โปรแกรมทำเงินเดือน ที่เข้ามาเปลี่ยนแปลงการทำงานของแผนก HR จากหน้ามือเป็นหลังมือ เพราะโปรแกรมเหล่านี้ลดการทำงานซ้ำซ้อน ลดความผิดพลาด และยกเอางานเอกสารตัวเลขกองโตของฝ่ายบุคคลออกไป ทำให้แทนที่จะเอาเวลาทำงานส่วนใหญ่ไปจมกับการคำนวนเงินเดือนหักลบบวกเพิ่มวันลา วันขาดงาน โบนัส คอมมิสชั่น อะไรจุกจิกที่กินเวลาการทำงาน เมื่อเปลี่ยนการทำงานมาเป็นการบริหารงานผ่านโปรแกรม แผนก HR ก็สามารถนำเวลาไปพัฒนางานด้านอื่นของฝ่ายบุคคลได้มากกว่า เช่น การพัฒนาบุคลากร การจัดกิจกรรมแรงงานสัมพันธ์ เป็นต้น read more

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ในบรรดารายการอุปกรณ์คู่กายคู่ใจในชีวิตประจำวันของหลาย ๆ คนน่าจะมีสมาร์ทโฟนเป็นหนึ่งในนั้น เพราะหลายคนใช้เวลาหลายชั่วโมงต่อวันไปกับการจ้องหน้าจออุปกรณ์ชิ้นนี้ และปัญหาที่ทุกคนต้องเจอไม่ต่างกันคือแบตเตอรี่ที่บางทีหมดเร็วมาก ก่อนจะครึ่งวันแบตก็เกือบหมดแล้ว ทำให้หลายคนต้องคอยพกแบตสำรองมือถือ หลายคนเกรงว่าอาการที่แบตหมดไว ต้องคอยชาร์จบ่อย ๆ จะทำให้แบตเสื่อมหรือไม่ วันนี้เราจะมาดูว่าใช้งานอย่างไรจึงจะช่วยชะลอการเสื่อมของแบตโทรศัพท์ได้


สถานที่ที่เหมาะสมในการวางโทรศัพท์หรืออุปกรณ์ที่ใช้แบตเตอรี่ทั้งหลายคือในสถานที่ที่เป็นอุณภูมิปกติหรืออุณหภูมิห้อง การวางโทรศัพท์ทิ้งไว้ในรถ หรือใกล้เตาทำอาหาร จะเสี่ยงต่อการเกิดแบตเตอรี่เสื่อม อากาศเย็นจัดก็อาจทำให้แบตเสื่อมได้เช่นกัน ดังนั้นจึงควรเลี่ยงวางโทรศัพท์ตรงใกล้ช่องแอร์ หรือพกไปเล่นในเมืองหิมะจำลอง นอกจากนั้นความคิดที่จะแช่แบตในตู้เย็น ก็ไม่ใช่ความคิดที่ถูกต้อง ไม่ควรทำถ้าอยากจะถนอมแบตโทรศัพท์ให้อยู่กับเราไปนาน ๆ read more

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Types of Electrical Services that You Can Find in Perth

Looking for some top quality electricians in Perth for your homes or business electrical installations? There are plenty of electrical service providers that you can choose that will offer you excellent value for money as well as friendly and very professional customer service during your electrical repairs. But when it comes to fulfilling your electrical needs, it is important to know the right kinds of the electricians in Perth that you will need in order to get the best quality services. Hiring highly specialized service providers will assure you of top quality repairs that are cost effective and which will keep your electrical installations in perfect order.

Here are some of the main categories of the various electricians in Perth that you can hire for various electrical repairs in your home. It is important to note that some offer a great array of professional services depending on the size and expertise while others may offer you very specialized repairs services.

Emergency Perth Electricians

Are you desperate for some repairs and maintenance services in your Perth premises? There are various kinds of faults that are likely to require immediate attention and action such as faulty switchboards, issues with wiring or even issues with critical electrical equipment. If you are in urgent need of such services, then you can contract the emergency service providers to cater to your needs.

Residential repairs and maintenance technicians

These are electricians who focus on servicing residential faults in the electrical systems. They can perform a variety of services ranging from the simplest to the most complex such as installation of the wiring, maintenance of the installations, general troubleshooting and many other electrical problems in your home. It is important to work with technicians or contractors who work with efficiency and are able to reach your Perth premises in the shortest time possible.

After hours electrical technicians

We are all busy with various daily schedules in our lives and some of us sometimes look for afterhours services where technicians can come to our premises outside the business hours in order to provide repairs services. Some technicians have specialized after hours services and are able to attend to your repairs needs at a time that suits your schedules best. read more

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Saving Time and Energy with a Digital Datasheet Library

Don’t you just wish you could go to a place where all device and electronic information is stored and organized? For the previous generations, they weren’t probably so lucky. Sure, datasheets were reliable, but they weren’t compiled to an accessible place for anyone. Today, young engineers can stop wishing for a digital datasheet library because it already exists, providing in-demand datasheets such as an MKP X2 datasheet.

Digital datasheet library—is that even possible?

Definitely. To make you appreciate a digital datasheet library, let’s go back. Before, consumers, tech aficionados, and electronic engineers relied heavily on datasheets—and they still do—but a reliable and comprehensive datasheet library didn’t exist before. Sure, whether it was a document or printed manual that comes along with an electronic device, it was convenient. It helped them figure out if a device is worth buying and read about some minor problems they could solve themselves. But users and engineers, especially, may have needed a couple of similar datasheet types for the sake of comparison and research. With the infancy of computers and internet connection before, it was hard responding to that need—the need for an efficient and organised compilation.

As time progressed, datasheets became more available in computers. Datasheets indicated specifications of computer systems, too. You can study the USB ports, CD and DVD drives, hard drives, memories, and motherboards. As with software, datasheets could indicate a program’s unique features and specifications about system requirements and operating system.

Now, it would be ironic if datasheets themselves didn’t get digitized, too. With the advent of technology, digital datasheets are now available and accessible with one click. You can find an MKP X2 datasheet in Brisbane on the manufacturers’ website and other fairly known websites. Online retailers also provide the necessary datasheets directly on their product pages. They are good sources of datasheets because they are specific and no-nonsense. read more

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What Every Good Fixed Assets Software Needs

Nowadays, most companies use a fixed asset software for their accounting, inventory and recording needs. Gone are the days when offices would record all financial transactions using record books. By using this software, all accounting related transactions are more automated and organized.

Some companies may use accounting packages that deal with various business related tasks. However, other companies use several specific programs, each designed to oversee a particular aspect of the business. If your business has a lot of fixed assets, you need to find fixed asset software that makes it easier for you to track these assets over time. Now, there are a lot of fixed asset software in Greenwich – some do the job better than others. If you’re out in the market for a new fixed asset software, here are some features you should definitely look for.

Seamless Integration

A lot of Greenwich fixed asset software work great on their own. They have a lot of good features and they are easy to navigate. However, you can’t expect everyone to use the same software. So what happens if you acquire several fixed assets due to a company merger or buy-out, and the other company uses different software than yours? Also, the fixed asset tab is just a small part of your company’s operations, so what happens when your fixed asset software doesn’t jive with other programs that the company uses?

For this reason, a Greenwich fixed asset software that integrates well with other programs is a must. If you can import and export file types from other similar programs, it will make your job easier in the event of an acquisition. Your software should also acknowledge and accept file types from popular office software like Microsoft office, accounting software and other things.

Easy User Interface

While computer literacy is now a must with most companies, the amount of training needed usually depends on how complicated the software is. If your fixed asset software is not user-friendly, expect your employees to take a while before they master its functions. While your employees are learning the ropes of the software, the probability of making errors is large, which can mean bad news for your company. Software that’s easy to navigate and learn is always a good idea. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust in your employees’ skills, but rather you want to make their jobs easier as much as possible to minimize the occurrence of human error. read more

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