5 things to bring to your hunting trip

Hunting is a hobby most outdoor enthusiasts enjoy doing. In areas where it is legally allowed, hunting can be enjoyed alone or with friends. If you want to know what items to bring to your next trip, such as bulk projectiles Australia gun shops offer or basic necessities, read on to find out.


Rifles are suited for hunting trips. They are long and lightweight which come in handy especially during long walks. There are different types of rifles which you can bring, depending on your level of expertise, purpose, and budget.

Rifles can be grouped into two: air and firearm. The former uses pellets for ammo while the latter uses projectiles or bullets. Rifles can have various lengths and different capabilities.

Cost-wise, the Escort 22LR Timber is a good starter pack. One retails for about $400 with scope and $300 for bare rifle. If you have money to spend, you can opt to get the Sako 85 Hunter which you can own for almost $3,000 complete set.

A bare rifle is affordable compared to a fully set one. A complete set can have scopes, detachable mags, and mounts. When choosing which rifle scopes Australia hunters use, it is best to ask the experts who know what to recommend.

Having a gun safe is also recommended but not required. For emergency situations, may it be during hunting or outdoor trips, it is best to store your gun in a secure place. One thing you don’t want to happen is to endanger yourself or others by a gun accidentally firing off.


If you bring a gun or rifle, you need ammunitions for them. 223 ammo is best used for rifles. They also come in different sizes and price tags depending on the type of rifle they will be used on.

Pellets, bullets, and projectiles are all different from one another. Pellets are commonly used in air guns or air rifles. On the other hand, bullets are used for firearms while bulk projectiles Australia gun shop ‘The Barn’ offers a lot of its variations.

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Medical kits

Outdoor adventure is not always rainbows and butterflies. The same can be said in an extreme hobby such as hunting. Always expect the worst to happen so you can prepare yourself as much.

Medical kits are necessities that are no-brainer when it comes to hunting or outdoor trips. They don’t have to be complete and big as long as some basic components are there.

Food supplies

Food is a must for hunters. Depending on how long you plan on hunting with friends, it is best to pack lunch or snacks to munch on while waiting for wild animals. Some hunters are relying their food supplies on the animals that they will catch which at times can be highly uncertain.

Bring food that can easily be eaten or cooked to make it more convenient for everyone.


Bringing tents can be an option depending on how long the hunting trip will be. Tents can provide shelter and protection from harsh weather conditions and attacks from wild animals.

Your tent must be big enough to cover you or your friends and your supplies. Just remember to put the guns, ammos, and projectiles in a safe and secure corner of your tent.

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